CO2 extraction

the process

Supercritical fluid extraction with CO2 is a sustainable process that can separate and extract natural chemical components from plants, seeds and other biomass. It is a versatile, selective, non-toxic and non-destructive extraction method that avoids loss of flavor and active components from the raw material. The process is eco-friendly as the CO2 we use is recovered as a by-product from other industrial processes (biogenic CO2), and no toxic waste streams originate from the extraction process.

how it works

The CO2 extraction unit briefly consists of three major parts – CO2 storage and pumping, extraction and separation.

Raw material is loaded into the extractor vessel. The CO2 is flown through the extractor under high pressure and at ambient temperatures acting as a solvent and pulling the active ingredients from the biomass. The material flows together with the CO2 into a separation process where the pressure and temperature are adjusted and the CO2 is fully separated from the extracts. A majority of the CO2 is then recycled back into the process. The final extracts contain no residual solvents and closely resemble their state within the original plant material.

Depending on the extract, after it is separated from the CO2 it can undergo a further purification process in our post-extraction area before it is packaged.